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Nancy Brodhead is a mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend and reasonably pleasant human being, though not necessarily in that order. She lived in Florida most of her life, and recently relocated to Las Vegas. She has traveled to many of the places people commonly visit in the world. She went to several different colleges and though she amassed hundreds of credit hours, never quite managed to graduate. She does however lie on many kinds of forms saying that she did and is quite sensitive about that so please don’t bring it up. She is currently reinventing herself while trying valiantly to ignore the tragic rejection of her ungrateful offspring. She greatly appreciates you taking the time to read her blog and welcomes your feedback.



  1. Gabby

    Great blog Nancy! I look forward to reading many more. Best of luck on this chapter of your life.

    • Nancy

      Thanks for being a part of my next chapter!

  2. Michelle

    Aunt Nancy – I love it.

  3. Nancy

    Thanks Michelle, see what you have to look forward to???

  4. 2/14/2013

    I have watched your amazing mind lay idle for way to many years.
    You have a hysterical sense of humor,enormous heart and in my eyes one of my closest and dearest friends. Please continue so that the public can enjoy and be enlightened with your delightful perspective. Finally, pioneering your destiny…keep it up!

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